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A few months ago I began leading tours for Edible Excursions run by epicurean concierge Lisa Rogovin around North Berkeley's Gourmet Ghetto, which includes visits to the Cheeseboard Collective , photo ops in front of Chez Panisse , and the occasional celebrity sighting or what counts as celebrity in that town--don't blink but there's Michael Lewis buying pie with one of his kids.

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Many participants ask about other tours the company offers, which I don't lead, but I realized pretty quickly I needed to know what was on the menu so I could share the details with potential repeat customers. So I recently shadowed the Taste the Mission tour arguable the real Ghetto Gourmet these days and what struck me on that food store and restaurant jaunt, as we spent three hours hoofing around the 'hood, was the different business models employed by the people in the kitchens trying to survive--or even thrive--during recessionary times.

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What I came away with from that afternoon aside from an impressive food baby after hearty sampling at nine spots is a bit of a metaphor for life--there's no right way to do it, different strategies work for different people, love what you do, work hard, and the rest will follow. Pan Dulce on display at La Victoria Bakery. Photo: Courtesy of Edible Excursions.

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Adapt or die: The best example of this approach can be found at La Victoria Bakery , an anchor institution at 24th and Alabama Streets that's sold conchas for some sixty years. Fast-talking owner Jamie Maldonado figured out that simply serving Latin pastries wasn't going to cut it in today's culinary climate. These days the cafe features a line of sweet treats from Wholesome Bakery , which turns out vegan cakes, cookies, and pies. Maldonado rents out kitchen space to Mission fixtures such as Iso Rabins of forageSF , and Danny Gabriner of Sour Flour , both of whom were at the cafe during our tour.

Photo: Daniel Laing. Top right: Karen Heisler and crew from Mission Pie. Photo: Anne Hamersky.

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Bottom left: Mission Minis sweet treats. Photo: Serena Bartlett. Bottom right: Manny Gimenez of Mr. Start Small: This category includes many relatively new arrivals to the Mission District, such as bite-sized cupcakery Mission Minis , seasonal sweet and savory pastries from Bike Basket Pies , and the in-demand arepas from Manny Torres Gimenez of Mr. Consider, too, Mission Pie , which began as a slip of a store serving sweet tarts and took over the space next door when it became available at the busy intersection of Mission and 25th Streets.

Store co-owner Karen Heisler says that the organic way the business grew made sense in terms of their overall business plan. Do your parents tease you about not knowing how to boil water? Then you should probably come to Cooking for Broke Dummies at The Brooklyn Kitchen where I will show you the basics of making dinner on the cheap. Tags: casserole crazy: hot stuff for your oven , classes , free cookbooks , radio , the brooklyn kitchen , woman's day.

Mission Reinvention: Food Businesses Buck Recession

One of the great things about publishing a book is that you become an expert of sorts and I, of course, am happy to serve as the authority on casseroles. So when The Daily Beast asked me to write an article on the casserole as the perfect recession food, I was more than happy to oblige. Read it here. Tags: casserole , casserole as the ultimate recession food , casserole crazy , casserole crazy: hot stuff for your oven , casserole recipes , emily farris , recession food , recession recipes , recipes for the recession , the daily beast , the ultimate recession food. We decided to make Beefy Mac from Casserole Crazy and I made one little substitution that may have changed my life forever….

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It is not a book for people who like to make elaborate culinary presentations or impress dinner guests with knowledge of exotic vegetables or cuts of meat. If you doubt my culinary abilities which you have every right to, but should not when it comes to casseroles , the book is full of recipes from friends, family and even a few celebrity chefs, including Bobby Flay, Paula Deen and Donatella Arpaia.

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And Borders.