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Fair Warning by Simon J.

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Words: 5, Published: July 26, by Holbrook Publishing. Malkin survives where no one else can, in the crater, a chaotic wasteland of ever shifting magic. When they come from the Kingdom searching for crystals, the source of magic, Malkin helps some, and lets others die, but when a boy called Flint comes looking for Malkin, which way will it go for them both?

The Lost Diamond by Simon J. Chuang Tzu, ancient deity of the Tao, is caught between a diamond and a promise, or a rock and a hard place. Whichever way he turns, someone's going to have to pay for a slice of deity magic. The World Within by Simon J. Mira has power, but her magic is wild and untrained.

Icanos is a sorcerer's apprentice, his studies incomplete. When Icanos is taken to the World Within by a force seemingly more powerful than both of them put together, can Mira hope to rescue him? The Magician's Father by Simon J.

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When Ray, a magician prone to wild experiments, becomes ill with the equivalent of Alzheimer's, his son, the country's leading Grandmaster of Magic, is forced to confront their fractured past and the violent death all magic user's face. Modern Irish Fantasy Vol. Words: 27, Published: July 8, by Holbrook Publishing.

The first five Modern Irish Fantasy stories collected in one volume. Over 25, words, about equal to pages paperback reading. All set in present day Ireland, from the tranquil Donegal hills to the Belfast back streets, these stories have a dark edge, with monsters, mind-control and flesh eating metal.

Silvermesh by Simon J. Published: June 27, by Holbrook Publishing.

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What would you do if heroin was the only thing stopping you losing your better than new Silvermesh hand? Buried in the Bog by Simon J.

When old Colm finds a living, breathing, moaning and groaning, year old man in a remote Irish bog, he finds they have more in common than he could have imagined. The Hobmen love the moon so much they'll destroy the earth to get to her, but not if Baxter can stop them. Monstrous Love by Simon J. Ireland's last monster hunter has a rogue monster to find, but only if it doesn't find him first. His personality and ego, are the only limiting factors of his abilities but Ergo has an infinite potential to grow, being able to absorb all powers of creatures and artifacts, make him an ace in anybody arsenal if they control him.

On top of it, he innately knows all spells path at 70 levels. Just those two powers alone combined with his ridiculously high level make him one of the most powerful being on Gaia. Or maybe this ending is just a tool for the GM, so you can make your own little stories, with a less brooding Nameless running around with the Bearer. Noble and clear as the broad peaceful heavens A tablet of young wisdom was his brow; Freedom's imperious beauty curved his limbs, The joy of life was on his open face. His look was a wide daybreak of the gods, His head was a youthful Rishi's touched with light, His body was a lover's and a king's.

In the magnificent dawning of his force Built like a moving statue of delight He illumined the border of the forest page. Out of the ignorant eager toil of the years Abandoning man's loud drama he had come Led by the wisdom of an adverse Fate To meet the ancient Mother in her groves.

In her divine communion he had grown A foster-child of beauty and solitude, Heir to the centuries of the lonely wise, A brother of the sunshine and the sky, A wanderer communing with depth and marge. Helping with confident steps her slow great hands He leaned to her influence like a flower to rain And, like the flower and tree a natural growth, Widened with the touches of her shaping hours. The mastery free natures have was his And their assent to joy and spacious calm; One with the single Spirit inhabiting all, He laid experience at the Godhead's feet; His mind was open to her infinite mind, His acts were rhythmic with her primal force; He had subdued his mortal thought to hers.

That day he had turned from his accustomed paths; For One who, knowing every moment's load, Can move in all our studied or careless steps, Had laid the spell of destiny on his feet And drawn him to the forest's flowering verge. At first her glance that took life's million shapes Impartially to people its treasure-house Along with sky and flower and hill and star, Dwelt rather on the bright harmonious scene.

The Ruthless

It saw the green-gold of the slumbrous sward, The grasses quivering with the slow wind's tread, The branches haunted by the wild bird's call. Awake to Nature, vague as yet to life, The eager prisoner from the Infinite, The immortal wrestler in its mortal house, Its pride, power, passion of a striving God, It saw this image of veiled deity, This thinking master creature of the earth, This last result of the beauty of the stars, But only saw like fair and common forms The artist spirit needs not for its work And puts aside in memory's shadowy rooms.

A look, a turn decides our ill-poised fate. So might she have passed by on chance ignorant roads Missing the call of Heaven, losing life's aim, But the god touched in time her conscious soul. Her vision settled, caught and all was changed. Her mind at first dwelt in ideal dreams, Those intimate transmuters of earth's signs That make known things a hint of unseen spheres, And saw in him the genius of the spot, A symbol figure standing mid earth's scenes, A king of life outlined in delicate air. Yet this was but a moment's reverie; For suddenly her heart looked out at him, The passionate seeing used thought cannot match, And knew one nearer than its own close strings.

All in a moment was surprised and seized, All in inconscient ecstasy lain wrapped Or under imagination's coloured lids Held up in a large mirror-air of dream, Broke forth in flame to recreate the world, And in that flame to new things she was born.

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A mystic tumult from her depths arose; Haled, smitten erect like one who dreamed at ease, Life ran to gaze from every gate of sense: Thoughts indistinct and glad in moon-mist heavens, Feelings as when a universe takes birth, Swept through the turmoil of her bosom's space Invaded by a swarm of golden gods: Arising to a hymn of wonder's priests Her soul flung wide its doors to this new sun.

An alchemy worked, the transmutation came; The missioned face had wrought the Master's spell. Then trembling with the mystic shock her heart Moved in her breast and cried out like a bird Who hears his mate upon a neighbouring bough. Hooves trampling fast, wheels largely stumbling ceased; The chariot stood like an arrested wind. And Satyavan looked out from his soul's doors And felt the enchantment of her liquid voice Fill his youth's purple ambience and endured The haunting miracle of a perfect face.