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Georgia Tech. Jen Zoon, Smithsonian's National Zoo. Join the Conversation Like this article?

Cheetah or Turtle – How do you attack the week? – Coach Burt

Have a point of view to share? Let us know! Select Dog or Cat. Watch the Latest Vetstreet Videos Check out our collection of more than videos about pet training, animal behavior, dog and cat breeds and more. You need JavaScript enabled to view this video. Find a Veterinarian Near Thank you for subscribing. All rights reserved. ISBN The author gives readers a comprehensive overview of the operation, using primary-source excerpts to personalize the action, from the planning of the highest commanders, to the bravery shown by individual men who went ashore on June 6, He describes the stages of the invasion, including the transport of troops, air support and airborne operations, and ground operations conducted under withering German resistance.

The author separates the five Allied landing forces into individual chapters, which allows for plenty of detail and continuity of narrative about their missions, and the varying amounts of German defenses and resistance they encountered. The text is supplemented by solid area and battle maps, captioned period photos, and an informative appendix with accessible data about equipment and weapons, medical care, troops and their battle gear, and general statistics about the war.

  1. Sleepy Cheetah. - Picture of Turtle Back Zoo, West Orange.
  2. Turtle, Eagle, Cheetah: A Slow Odyssey!
  3. The Land of Enchantment - Illustrated by Arthur Rackham.

This book matches the quality of Earle Rice Jr. Carson, Mary Kay. Scientists in the Field. Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. Next, the history, current status, and study of the famous park grizzly bears are carefully detailed. The Great Smoky Mountains is home to more than 30 species of salamanders, and they, plus the equally fascinating fireflies of the region, are targeted in the final chapters.

Pertinent, attention-grabbing, full-color photographs and captions, maps, infrared images, and diagrams accompany the fascinating, informative text in each section. Featured experts provide primary-source information for each topic covered. The introductory map of all national parks is missing two in Colorado, but that is a quibble.

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Gila Monsters, Sea Turtles, and Cheetahs | Grades 5 and Up Nonfiction Review

Overall, this is a well-written, unique, carefully organized treat for nature lovers and investigators. McCully, Emily Arnold. Ida M. LC Gr 7 Up —McCully expertly brings to life the story of a unique and determined woman in this well-written and thoroughly researched biography, filled with numerous and pertinent photographs.

The Cheetah and the Turtle (Paperback)

All of the corruption and secret machinations affected many citizens. Tarbell went where no one had gone before, becoming an investigative reporter for a top magazine. Rockefeller, head of the powerful Standard Oil Trust. Montgomery, Sy. Gr —Cheetahs, the smallest of the big cats, are superbly adapted to their habitat and to running down their prey with blinding bursts of speed. Here Montgomery focuses her scientific attention and literary craft on the work of the Cheetah Conservation Fund CCF and its efforts to save the cheetah from threatened extinction. Quartered in Namibia, CCF director Laurie Marker and her team analyze scat, measure trees where cheetahs congregate, collect DNA to follow genetic lines, breed cheetahs for ultimate release in the wild, and rescue these animals from captivity when possible.

To this concern, CCF breeds large Kangal guard dogs and sells them at low cost to herdsmen.

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Levine Bks. Gr 7 Up —While Anne Frank may have been the most famous of those who went into hiding during World War II, there were hundreds of others who did just about anything they could to escape the Nazis. Though most did not survive, this compilation of 14 stories describes those who did live to tell their tale.

The tales are all horrifying and harrowing in their own ways yet are marked by an unvarnished tone that conveys an immediacy that sweeps readers into the narrative, making this tragic episode of history real and dramatic. One survivor had as many as 42 different addresses, while another describes hiding under floorboards for hours while German officers walked overhead.

Photographs of the contributors, both now and then, as well as a glossary are included. An accompanying website with excerpts, maps, animations, and other material is quite engaging and worth perusing. This moving and powerful title is an important addition to any history collection. Everybody Paints! Gr 7 Up— Reminiscent of the Duchamps of France, the Wyeths are a family of painters: three generations, in fact, of artists. Here, the author gives a chronological account of how the Wyeth men came to be painters and of how their lives intersected.

The text is clear, concise, and very complete for such a slim volume. While Robert D. San Souci used N. An ideal introduction to the Wyeths. Rubin, Susan Goldman. Holiday House. Gr 9 Up —Fifty years after the Freedom Summer murders, this meticulously researched, compellingly told account covers an incredible moment in history.

They left for Meridian, accompanied by student volunteers from across the United States, where only 6.

A young cheetah makes its first kill

Schwerner, Goodman, and Chaney were killed by Klansmen after being arrested. Their deaths deepened the conviction of the others and served to engender incredible strides in the forward momentum of the civil rights movement. This work gives a real sense of the time and place, the issues and the opposing sides, and the impact on the nation. Including myriad period photos and drawings, facsimiles of reports and records, meticulous source notes, an extensive bibliography, picture credits, and an extensive index, this title is the epitome of excellent historical reporting, with the human element never forgotten.

Sea Turtle Scientist. Gr —Another nifty entry in an impressively reliable series, this work follows the field work and the research of Dr. Her subjects are mainly the largest marine turtles of all, leatherbacks, though her drive for conservation includes all Caribbean species. Kitts to help her in her drive to preserve this species.

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Stewart educates them in finding sources of protein other than turtle meat and eggs and assists them on new paths to economic independence without relying on turtle products. This refreshing journey with a dedicated woman hard at work in her chosen field will resonate with readers. Graphic novels are now reviewed in every issue. Where applicable, they appear at the bottom of the grade level section. Alexander, Heather. Diamond, Jared.

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