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I do actually value my privacy, there are definite things that I wish to remain private and when that is the case I make sure to conduct those things off the grid as much as I can. I just have a hard time understanding how people can post all day long about where they are and what they are doing and expect people to not be able to track their movements day by day. People willingly oversharing on Facebook is clearly different from someone running a needless background check on their boss.

He dug it up. Whatever your feelings about the boundary crossing itself. How would you feel if your employee walked into your office and demanded to know why you got divorced? Or why you were married three times? Why there is a year gap between your children? How dare you change colleges from his alma mater? What type of person goes to 6 different high schools? Is there something wrong with you after being in foster care?


I suspect that he asked mutual family friends for details about me. Also, he was pals with a police officer who was called out to our house once when I was a child and the neighbors were worried about all the screaming and sounds of a physical altercation. Gathering that information was a huge red flag. This boss was a boundary crossing paternalistic creep. This was the evidence I sadly ignored. I came to regret that. Sometimes people show us just how awful they really are.

OP has been given evidence of what sort of person this guy is. He does something creepy and awful to the OP, but thinks it is ok because it is not technically illegal. That makes what he has done seem even more malicious and manipulative, not less. My gods. Using the fact that someone came from an abusive home as a child as a justification for not promoting them???? What planet was that guy from? I recently read that half? This is staggering. However, this automatically means we cannot promote all these people?

Talk about narrow thinking, yikes. Bloody hell! No, not the same guy. The story is long and complicated, but all boils down to sexism and classism expressed in a hugely paternalistic, self righteous, hypocritical and condescending way.

Bilder der URC Thal/Assling

Legal does not equal not creepy. It takes a lot for that to happen anymore. I feel like there must be more to this office culture than the letter conveys. Even when I worked for a fairly conservative company, our candidate criminal background checks convictions only were limited to the prior 7 years. Also: Arrests are not convictions!! If a court system shared arrest records with us, we acknowledged receipt because of OFCCP compliance, but also stipulated that those records were not considered for the purpose of a criminal background check.

Scott may be outwardly nice, but he needs a serious sit-down. What the actual f? But seriously, WHAT. I am sure she will be touched by your concern about her ability to chose employees. I disagree with everyone.


Employers run background checks on their employees all the time and have no qualms asking for more details relating to old and minor infractions. I love the idea of employees running checks on their management. It is completely fair. The OP already went through a background check, and her employer found her worthy of hire.

This tit-for-tat approach serves no good purpose, and assumes background check info is widely shared. Therefore managers have already been vetted and deemed appropriate to work at the company. Employers also get your SSN, address, next of kin, emergency contact, family names and DOBs for insurance purposes, etc. That does not mean every simple employee should go find that info, even when publically available.

Just as the OP has almost certainly not seen the background check done on Scott. So no one can claim that the OP needs to accept this kind of boundary crossing and attempted intimidation?

my new employee ran a background check on me and asked me about what he found

This x So…pretty much NONE of the normal conditions of a pre-employment background search were met in this instance. There was no permission given, and the person this guy ran his background check on was someone who almost certainly was in no way involved in his own background check process anyway. I assumed the hiring manager did it.

It is not appropriate for your employer to use information turned up in the course of a routine background check to intimidate you once hired. You can run a check on whoever you want. But if you run one on me without a good reason for doing so, and are stupid enough to tell me about it, our relationship, whether personal or professional, is done.

Because they are not doing the hiring. I see no problem with running a BG check on someone.

I see a big problem with taking information from that and using it IRL. This is a two part question, really.

my new employee ran a background check on me and asked me about what he found

But this guy went back to OP and told her what he did and what he found. What was his point in doing that? Because he cannot handle information in a responsible, thinking manner he needs to stay away from hiring decisions. Working in a hiring capacity makes him a liability to an employer because he has very poor judgement.

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Scott wants the OP to be one-down. They do them to screen out applicants. SSN, pay rate, disciplinary history… Should he be privy to that too?

She is responsible for his performance and behavior. Not the other way around.