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Hanging yourself upside down is not fun! And he knew, after he would hang himself, his inner parts would melt, divine forces would break him from inside and rebuild the butterfly in his body. Too much to ask from a little caterpillar! He was the first caterpillar ever to deny the divine forces. But those forces were unrelenting. In spite of Cator's denial a strong shell was appearing and encapsulating him.

A tale of transformation from caterpillar to butterfly

It was the divine plan to protect him when he would be upside down. Cator felt helpless. He stopped eating. Even the juicy dark leaves tasted bitter. He hit the branches with all his might to break the protective shell. But the shell was strong. Little Cator was angry.

Toddler Storytime – Spring Session – Caterpillars & Butterflies

The pain and anguish was too much and the inner voices were turning him mad. One night, he mustered all his strength and pulled the shell in. To his surprise, it got sucked in, and the shell created a shield inside him. Suddenly, there was silence. Those alluring dreams and voices would now remain inside the shell, won't bother him.

And that was it. He remained a caterpillar forever. Ate more leaves. Lived the same life everyday. The life of sameness and comfort. And died peacefully. But there is more to the story!

The legend has it that his soul passed through many other births. He became a fish, a pigeon, and a deer.

And his inner protective shell remained intact. He never tried to become the best fish, the best pigeon or the best monkey he could become. He lived and died in his utter ordinariness. Again and again. And again. In this life he had a comfortable life, an easy career, a loving family. And by some strange logic he happened to read the story of the caterpillar who refused to become the butterfly.

The answer is incredible. My image of frivolous beings is gone. I am slack-jawed with what I learn about butterflies Lepidoptera.

Muffin Stories - Caterpillar's Dream

The process of transformation is simply amazing -- science fiction couldn't do better. A caterpillars and butterfly have all the same parts but these parts are formed for completely different life stages and purposes. As one biologist said "Caterpillars are all about eating, and butterflies are all about sex". The caterpillar molts and then instead of creating new skin it makes a chrysalis.

It then digests itself. It melts-- all of it, heart, nervous system, mouth Most of the body breaks down into the "imaginal cells", which are undifferentiated -- like stem cells, they can become any type of cell. The chrysalis is a thimble-sized bag of fluid like a culture media. While the caterpillar was tired and, at the same time, grateful for its life as a caterpillar, it knew that the time had come to become something else. The caterpillar fell asleep, feeling a great peace and thinking about how its destiny was to be something more than a simple caterpillar. It felt something strange had grown on its back.

With effort, it moved what looked like huge blue wings and the shell broke. The caterpillar was no longer a caterpillar, it was a blue butterfly.

The blue butterfly crawled down the tree using its little legs, even though it now had wings. It carried the weight of those big blue wings, a weight that consumed its strength. The blue butterfly moved using its legs as it had always done, believing itself to be a caterpillar and continuing to live as if it were. Tired of carrying the weight of its wings, it decided to return to the branch where it had transformed. This time, trying to climb the tree, moving forward was impossible. The butterfly that thought it was still a caterpillar stood still and looked up at that branch that seemed so far away.

Then it began to cry, desperate. Upon hearing its cry, a beautiful, wise white butterfly approached it. The white butterfly perched on a flower and for a while it looked at the blue butterfly without saying anything. Before, even though it was hard, I could do it.

Caterpillar Story Props and Activity - How To Run A Home Daycare

The blue butterfly that thought it was still a caterpillar looked strangely at the white butterfly and then looked at itself and its large, heavy wings. Just as on the day that it came out of his shell, it moved them hard and opened them. They were so big and beautiful, a color of blue so intense that the transformed caterpillar got scared and quickly closed them again. At that moment, it began to understand that it was no longer a caterpillar, that perhaps those heavy wings could be useful.

The blue butterfly opened them again, and this time kept them open. It closed its eyes and felt the wind caressing them.