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Editor , Johnson, Dennis V. Edition: 1st edition Subjects: Life sciences.

Developing Water Stress Tolerant Crops Through Image-driven Plant Phenotyping

Plant breeding. Sustainability, Nutrition and Pharmaceuticals 1. Sustainable Agriculture and Plant Breeding 2.

Translational Genomics for Crop Breeding: Abiotic Stress, Yield and Quality, Volume 2

Bidhan Roy , S. Noren , Asit B. Mandal and Asit K. Abstract: Abiotic stresses have become an integral part of crop production.

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One or other persist either in soil or in atmosphere. With the ultimate goal to raise the crop plants with better suitability towards rapidly changing environmental inputs, intense efforts are needed employing physiological, biochemical and molecular tools to improve tolerance ability under abiotic stresses. Attempts have been taken by plant breeders to develop tolerant varieties of different crops for specific abiotic stress. Appreciable improvement also has been done by the molecular biologists regarding to perturbations in gene expression and protein during stress.

Employing transgenic technology, functional validation of various target genes involve in diverse processes, such as signaling, transcription, ion homeostasis, antioxidant defense etc.

Abiotic Stresses: Plant Resistance Through Breeding and Molecular Approaches - CRC Press Book

The information in the areas of gene and genetic engineering for improvement of crop plants against abiotic stresses are lying unorganized in different articles of journals and edited books. This information has been compiled in this review article in organized way with up-to-date citations, which will provide comprehensive literatures of recent advances. Genetically Modified Crops: Insect Resistance.

Wilczek Progenies through Agroinoculation. How to cite this article: Bidhan Roy, S.