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It is generally thought that an uncertain wait prompts more anxiety than one you have a clearer timetable for. Uncertain waits can feel longer than if you know how long you will have to wait for. For example, if you are told you will be seen in 30 minutes, it can be easier than if you are just told you will be seen soon.

An Open Letter To The Girl Patiently Waiting With An Impatient Heart

If you can't get any extra information, try to relax or occupy yourself and accept that there is nothing to do but wait. Know that unexpected waits prompt impatience. Sometimes you will expect to be able to see your doctor at a set time and you arrive only to find out that there has been a problem and you will now have a lengthy wait. This situation can prompt heightened impatient because it was unexpected and it contradicts what you understood would happen. If you find yourself in a similar situation, recognise it and try to relax and shrug it off.

Consider finding out the reason for the wait, perhaps somebody is unexpectedly off sick, or has been held up in traffic. This may help you to understand that there is nothing you can do to change it and then wait more patiently. Realise that getting anxious will only make things worse. Everyone gets impatient, but it's important to understand that getting frustrated and restless will only increase your impatience.

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Try to relax as much as possible and take things in your stride. If you are queuing at the supermarket and you are anxious because your line is moving slowly as all the others go quickly, your wait will likely seem longer than it actually is. Ask yourself if waiting right now is going to matter in a day, a week, or a month.

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  5. Consider if it's really worth feeling negative about the situation. By distracting yourself and by doing things you like to do like painting or watching TV. Yes No. Not Helpful 0 Helpful When you have to wait for something that will take years, think about it this way - your life will change once the thing you are waiting for arrives. You will have a different life, no matter how small the thing is, so think about all of the things that you will not be able to do in your new life that you can do now.

    Take the time to enjoy those things and have gratitude for your present life, while still looking forward to the future. Not Helpful 8 Helpful Try thinking about your favorite book or movie, and make up new scenes for it. You can also think about something you'd like to do or someplace you'd like to visit. If you did something fun recently, you can reflect on that instead. Not Helpful 11 Helpful Think about it this way -- your life will change once it arrives.

    You will have a different life, no matter how small the thing is so think about all of the things that you will not be able to do in your new life that you can do now. Take the time to enjoy those things and use gratitude for your present life. Not Helpful 7 Helpful How can I wait for my new kitten to arrive? I've been looking forward to this for years, so how can I wait for tomorrow or the day after to get her? I almost stayed up all night! The best thing to do is something productive, like maybe get your home or room ready for your new kitten.


    I suggest making a check list of the things he or she will need, and have them ready so you don't have to go out at the last minute to buy them. It will probably need a litter box, litter, food, little food and water bowls, along with a soft blanket and a cozy place to sleep. Not Helpful 4 Helpful Bring some books to read, or a laptop, cellphone or tablet to play games or work on things.

    You can listen to music, take a nap, read a book, talk to someone, or play a sport.

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    Not Helpful 15 Helpful Try passing the time with some Christmas-related activities. That way, you will be occupying your mind while still being festive. Not Helpful 14 Helpful Create a countdown to keep track of the time as it passes and stay occupied so you have other things on which to focus.

    Hang out with that friend and make plans about what you're going to do with them. The time will eventually pass. Not Helpful 1 Helpful 3.

    An Open Letter To The Girl Patiently Waiting With An Impatient Heart

    Get all that your heart desires. Even television shows that are written for children play this tune. If we pause in our endless rounds of activity to reflect, we will recognize this self-centered view of life as not only foolish but impossible. If we are a family, we must wait upon our spouses, our children, and our parents. It is not I who determine the course of our family. We all shape this journey. And so, in the Christian life, there must be give and take, dialogue, prayer, and waiting.

    Jacob Latimore - Patiently Waiting

    How could husband and wife or parent and child live in mutuality and trust where patience does not afford time and opportunity for forgiveness and reconciliation? How can one learn to risk and dare and dream, if there has been no patience within the family to establish a realm of basic trust where a child can afford to make mistakes without facing ridicule or harm? How shall we deal with the aged, the frail and infirm whose agility and memory have terribly declined, if we have not cultivated the habits of patience and caring?

    This patience in waiting is the only way in which we can live in our families and in our communities. We must watch and pray over the teenager who is critical of others or who lacks confidence. We must watch and pray and wait with the child who is frustrated and confused. We must watch and pray and wait with the friend who is struggling. We must allow ourselves to be shaped by others so that, like Christ, we may live for others. Over and over, He gave glimpses of the plan through the patriarchs, through the prophecies. Hustler's Ambition lyrics 50 Cent 8, 4.

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