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Hopefully, you have a chance to do what you love, but regardless, you still have to work. He worked hard so that we would have the opportunity to do what we love. It was a way of giving back to kids who dream like he once did. People have always asked his advice on how to help their son or daughter succeed in the music industry. He also offered a Coles Notes version of his thesis.

Play the music you are passionate about. Second: Work your ass off. There is no magical moment. Everybody has their own journey. There is no one, proven way that leads to success. If it was that easy, then everyone would follow the formula, and they would all be rich and famous. If you are afraid of work, then you need to get out of the way, and stay on the couch. As I sit type this feature for Spill Magazine , I am conscious of the constant reminder that our world is not in a good place. Acts of terrorism in Belgium yesterday are a painful reminder of how much we still need to overcome as a human race.

It is easy to exhibit a seemingly deep love of our planet during Earth hour, but it a far different cry to love and embrace others. Everybody wants to have a nice life and have a chance to do the things they love. At the end of the day I would rather be having a cup of coffee with you, or just have a good laugh. To me that seems obvious.

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They are absorbed in their commitments and driven by their own desire to express themselves. It was surprising to learn that Wylde spends a fair amount of his time away from his own creative process and enjoys exploring new music. Van Morrison. Sam Cooke.

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Or a little Percy Sledge. I also dig new music. Like the new Chris Cornell Higher Truth. That is the last record I bought.

That is not the case with the Wylde family, not in the presumptuous sense anyhow. They enjoy spending time with each other, but dad is dad, and he does and is who he is. He has very little interest in playing a musical instrument, or getting involved with producing records. My two oldest kids have their own lives. Our other son is thirteen and he is still in school.


Wylde Audio and Schecter Guitar Research recently announced a worldwide distribution deal. Schecter will distribute Wylde Guitars and make them available in over 70 countries. The Odin, War Hammer, and Viking models are set for release later this year. It was a great experience. They gave me a great opportunity to create, and I will always have relationships with those people, because they are my friends and I love them. They are family to me. He has retired, but imagine him coming back to manage his old team. He then becomes the general manager, then the vice president of operations.

The next logical step for Derek would be to become a team owner. Not everyone wants to be that hands-on. To me, I love it. I love working on that. Every day we have something going on.


Book of Shadows II comes out April 9, and a summer tour will be around the corner. Generation Axe lands in Toronto on May 4.

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Grzegorz Kieszkowski originally hails from Bydgoszcz, Poland. After his father was released from prison in , for his involvement with the Solidarity movement, Greg and his family escaped to Canada in He makes Cobourg his home, along with his wife and two small children. Greg is a graduate of York University, with a double major in English and Philosophy.

He is a full time English teacher and a professional photographer. Part of the allure of writing is the possibility of conversation, and he would love to hear your comments and opinions. Please feel free to visit his personal website - grzegorzkieszkowski.

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