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It is important to make that transition from thinking you can heal yourself to knowing that you can heal yourself. Then you are truly self-empowered.

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More photos can be found on my Flickr account:. Everyone reacts differently to events and experiences. Everyone experiences a range between happy and sad emotions. It is healthy to have a range of emotions. However, habitual negative feelings often contribute to physical illness. Many people whom I have worked on have a very strong emotional component to their physical ailment. In a great number of cases, the source of the problem is emotional: The health challenge is the physical manifestation of emotional baggage.

Just as emotions can intensify a health problem , they can also be used to alleviate many issues. Use your intentions to guide your emotions for the betterment of your health. I have noticed that some people who attend my workshops show signs of depression. The physical ailment may be at the root of the depression, or physical symptoms may be manifesting as a result of depression. It is important to realize that we can influence emotions and our reactions to them.

Rather than spending time trying to decided which challenge appeared first, use energy to improve your state of mental and physical well-being. The flow of energy as information and our access to it are constantly evolving and changing. With continued evolution, we will all be able to access information from the field more easily. Our intuitive abilities increase as our skills to listen to them are developed.

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  • I call this tuning in. Most people have experienced this to some degree and know it as intuition. You are constantly receiving information subconsciously in the form of hunches, ideas or images. People who are visually oriented will tend to receive pictures; those who are more auditorily oriented may hear voices.

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    The data you receive is not only from yourself and your own body but is information being emitted by others. In fact, all objects — animate and inanimate — emit information. Visit the online bookstore here. Click here to see a list of upcoming workshops. Our thoughts are energy.

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    Intention is focused thought which affects all physical matter. Once you decide to take control of your mind which in turn regulates your body, then you will be in control. Taken from my fourth book Intention Heals. Like me on facebook. Follow me on twitter. Connect with me on Pinterest. All my video blogs can be found on my YouTube page. For a directory of video blogs, click here. It is particularly encouraging working with young people as they are often acutely aware of their own energy system.

    Our awareness of our energy is not unique — but our acknowledgement of it and speaking about it is — at least in our culture. Youth are sometimes cited as being more spiritually aware and in touch with their innate abilities and connections. But perhaps they just feel more able to freely express themselves. Edgar Mitchell , an American astronaut, and Ronnie Hawkins, a famous rock star.

    As anticipated, I received thousands of responses. Many had never told a soul about them for fear of being ridiculed. Some had confided in a parent, only to discover that they were judged and mocked, or dismissed entirely. Reactions of others are sometimes fear-based as a lack of understanding leads to an agitated, uncomfortable state, and point-of-view. It was a profound event, yet one that many felt unable to discuss with their peers, parents or anyone at all.

    Some expressed their relief in finally being able to correspond with someone who really understood. At high school, there is intense pressure to conform. The biggest fear of most students, is being different, or being seen as different. So I too kept quiet about it, at least throughout my high school years. Maintaining the status-quo is very restrictive and narrow in its perspective. In elementary school my class was shown a film starring skeptics who debunked paranormal events. It was clear that energy awareness and energy healing fell into this unacceptable category.

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    No wonder many young people keep quiet about what we are so naturally aware of. Now that I am at University, most people are too busy to care. I am constantly surprised that some of the biggest and strongest athletes I have known, understand the importance of energy fields, and are interested in what I do. This web involves more energy connections as our world of relationships grows. Children know this and youth must stay in tune with it.

    Acknowledge this connection to everything and the possibilities for the future are limitless.

    He will be speaking at Sheraton Newark Airport on March 22nd. Bestowed with the gift of healing, Adam takes us into his world—a place vastly different from what we typically see and experience with our five senses. At the age of five years, Adam was seeing auras. It never occurred to him that these brightly coloured energy fields were invisible to other children. You will most like be in an extended care ward within one year. It is difficult to explain how this hit us as we left the doctors office trying to navigate the unfamiliar wheelchair back to our car. The doctor receiving the phone calls were very significant to us.

    At that point we knew that this was our problem and that we had to deal with it on our own. Once we overcame the initial shock we got our feet back on the ground and took control of the situation. Now we shifted our focus to understanding MS. The MS progressed to the point where she was sleeping almost 15 hours a day.

    I had to learn to hold a job and run a house with a disabled wife and 2 children. We researched some of the drugs available to reduce the symptoms of MS and decide that they were not for us. Instead we researched alternatives, changed diets and were able to manage the MS and keep it under control. When I look back on the experience I have no idea how we made it through those times. As time went on we learned to live with her MS attacks, which happened about once a month. An attack would render Liz incapable of walking or talking and frequent attacks of trigeminal neuralgia, which was a stabbing pain in her head.

    We went through another accounting of all that we have to be grateful about. This time our kids were wonderful incentive to get better quickly. Thanks to modern medicine Liz had the tumor removed with a full craniotomy and it has been almost 7 years without reoccurrence. The MS symptoms and trigeminal neuralgia continued. At this point we started to notice unusual things happening with Adam as outlined in his first book. It has been almost 5 years and Liz has not had another attack of trigeminal neuralgia and her MS seems to be in check.

    What did we gain from our experience? We always remained hopeful.

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    When faced with infertility, we always envisioned that we would have children when all signs were pointing to a different outcome. We worked through the MS even though the prognosis was not good. The tumor was just another challenge for us to deal with. In all instances we took control of our own situation and learned as much as we could about infertility, multiple sclerosis and brain tumors. We feel that positive thinking, taking control and learning about what we had to deal with; and using the medical system where possible along with other more metaphysical means of healing, all played a part in our positive outcome.

    This is why we fully support an integrative approach to any illness. We encourage all doctors to accept and gain an understanding of other healing options as well as the allopathic medicine they have been taught.