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Even if this is your first-time lucid dreaming there are plenty of easy tricks you can use to bring your dreams to life but first let's do a quick review.

Normally, while you're in a dream, your conscious mind is completely asleep. You can't remember much or control anything because your consciousness is out of the loop. Your subconscious, on the other hand, is wide awake that's why your dreams end up looking like a confusing mess of random mental images.

However, during a lucid dream your consciousness wakes up, your mind realizes that you're dreaming while your body stays asleep. Suddenly, you can pay attention, form memories and observe the crazy fantastical world unfolding all around you. With a bit of practice, you can even learn how to control the stories of your dreams. Yeah, sounds pretty incredible, doesn't it?

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Well, the good news is lucid dreams are right at your fingertips. All you have to do is follow these simple steps. Your prep work doesn't start just a few minutes before you fall asleep, it starts right now. From this moment until the end of the day, lucid dreaming should be the first thing on your mind. You should read articles about lucid dreaming.

You can tell your friends how excited you are to consciously experience your dreams. You might imagine what it'll feel like to walk inside an active dreamscape but this isn't just for fun daytime. Self-talk plays an important role in the lucid dreaming process. You're essentially tricking yourself into having a lucid dream. It works a lot like in affirmation by telling yourself that you're confident and capable your brain rises to the occasion. In other words, if you frame something as the truth, it's more likely to happen.

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So, keep your eye on the prize. Throughout the day, if you spend hours talking and thinking about lucid dreaming then your subconscious will be much more willing to cooperate. Also read: How to sleep better and feel more refreshed. While you're discussing and doing your research there's another important step you need to take. Just like self-talk, you should start this one as soon as possible. The hardest part of lucid dreaming is realizing that you're asleep.

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That's because when you're dreaming your subconscious doesn't notice anything wrong you might see a train floating through the sky but your subconscious won't think twice about it. It doesn't have the cognitive skills to make sense of your dreams, attention, and logic are all conscious responsibilities so you need some way to trick your subconscious into waking up your conscious mind. A habitual behavior is the perfect way to make this happen. At first, any new behavior starts out as something you consciously do but over time it starts to feel automatic. That habit will eventually fade out of your conscious and into your subconscious.

Just think about brushing your teeth or something as simple as breathing. Now, you don't have to think through every breath you take your body just does it for you. To lucid dream, you're going to create your own automatic behavior but this isn't anything like brushing your teeth. It's designed for one important purpose. Every time you perform this habit you'll know with a hundred percent certainty whether or not you're dreaming.

These habits are called reality checks because that's exactly what they do. They validate your reality. They tell you if you're awake or in a lucid dream. So, what does a reality check look like? Well, everyone does them a little differently. Some people like physical reality checks - that means you're using some kind of physical activity to differentiate dreams from reality. A good example is trying to stick your finger through your hand. In real life, your hand is a solid object your finger is going to hit your skin and stop but in dream states most surfaces are permeable.

In other words, your finger will go right through the palm of your hand. Once you see that, you'll know instantly that you're in a dream and you'll become lucid. Another popular reality check is called the inhalation test. Just plug your nose and close your mouth, now breathe in through your nose. Well, of course, you can't - your fingers are in the way.

In a dream, you'll be able to breathe normally because the air will pass right through your fingers. If physical reality checks don't work for you, you can also try something non-physical like reading written text works. For many lucid dreamers normally written text is stationary.

So, it's easy to follow but dream sentences have a hard time staying still. They vibrate, they curve and they fold in on themselves.

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If it feels impossible to keep track of a single line of text then you've stepped into a lucid dream. It really doesn't matter which reality check you choose, you're going to train yourself the same way - keep repeating your reality check throughout the day at least once an hour if you can.

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The more habitual it feels then the more likely you are to try it during a dream and when your reality check fails your consciousness will wake right up. Also read: 5 Easy tips and tricks to help you sleep better.

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Now, let's jump ahead. It's about an hour before you plan on going to sleep, how do you set the proper stage for a lucid dream? The goal is to ease your brain into a vivid dream state right well to make that happen your brain needs to feel calm and relaxed. You'd think that watching a movie or playing a game before bed would help you wind down but it does exactly the opposite. The lights from your computer screen actually suppress the production of melatonin - that's a hormone that makes you feel drowsy.

Without melatonin, it will take significantly longer for your brain to enter a deep sleep that means you're delaying your REM cycle and reducing your chances of having a lucid dream. This way, they become second nature and when you're dreaming, and you'll be likely to perform the same test and realize that something's wrong. As you're falling asleep, begin to think of a recent dream, and imagine yourself becoming lucid.

The idea is to reinforce the intention to realize you're dreaming in your dream. Keep repeating the phrase "I will have a lucid dream tonight. The idea behind this is to keep your mind aware while your body falls asleep. The extra caveat with WILD is that, during sleep paralysis the brain can play tricks on you, inducing strong feelings of fear and causing hallucinations of dark and scary figures approaching you. Scientific research into lucid dreaming has provided an insight into the location of meta-consciousness in the brain, and even begged the question if sleep and wakefulness are distinct events, or part of a continuum.

How to Lucid Dream Tonight – 8 Ways To Hack Your Sleep

After all, dreaming of doing something is almost equivalent to actually doing it when looking at the functional system of neuronal activity in your brain. So, are you sure you're not dreaming? Recognize Your Dreams Now, some of you might be saying, "I don't even dream," but the truth is everybody has about three to seven dreams a night.

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Do A Reality Check The next step is performing reality checks. Mitch Moffit June 11, Mitch Moffit June 14, Mitch Moffit June 6,