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It indicates that if you have this question in your mind then I am pretty sure your mother or father is blaming you that you are good to your wife but bad as a son. They have all your responsibilities as a parent. They are the ones who agreed to bring you in this world by knowing all the associated responsibilities of a child. And apparently, you have no commitment towards to siblings and parents. And now that you are creating a child so you are all the more responsible towards fulfilling your obligations as a father to your child even if you have to upset others in doing so.

Your kid needs a harmless atmosphere to discover their approaches and relish righteousness and uniformity of behavior. If your parents are well educated and are good people they will recognize that you have a family now and you have their responsibility on you they are your priority then they will appreciate and respect it. No need to feel bad about anything. They do it willingly because they want you to make them happy and are unable to understand your obligations and they are not willing to make themselves happy. Parenthood is no doubt tough to handle and trust me nobody is perfect in everything.

Is it possible to have too much empathy? Therapy: Part 2. Therapy can be a powerful coping tool. Bonus Interview: Dr.

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Shaili Jain and the Unspeakable Mind. After 20 years of working in the field and 10 years of research, Dr.

Therapy: Part 1. Ever wondered what therapy is like? Sit in on a session.

Stolen Child

In this bonus episode, a retired detective talks about trauma-informed training, and a lawyer discusses what a sexual assault trial entails. Good Coping. Here's what good coping can look like. Dating in the Era of MeToo. The reckoning that is MeToo has rippled out into the dating realm. Anney and Samantha dish on what it's like to date these days. Bonus Episode: Rape Kits. A survivor of sexual assault shares her story, and we discuss the past, present and future of rape kits. The Aftermath and Unhealthy Coping. Survivors of a traumatic event frequently resort to unhealthy coping mechanisms, from substance abuse to eating disorders.

The Cost of Coming Forward. Anney and Samantha delve into the financial, emotional and physical costs of reporting sexual assault.

Along with the rise of craft beer has come the revival of women brewmasters who challenge the stereotype of beer as a man's drink. Learn more about the ancient history and return of women to craft beer brewing in this classic episode. Society, Sex and Women. Let's talk about sex, baby. Anney and Samantha talk sexualization, body image, masturbation, virginity, and more in this grab bag of an episode.

Trauma: Part 2. In the second part of our examination of trauma, we look at what trauma looks and feels like. Bonus Episode: Women and Likability. In this bonus episode, Jack and Miles of The Daily Zeitgeist stop by to discuss the likability factor.

Trauma: Part 1. Trauma can manifest in a multitude of ways. Anney and Samantha talk about the different types of trauma. Grooming What is grooming and how do you recognize it?

The Love Hour

The fetishization of East Asian women, derisively referred to as "yellow fever," is as old as the Silk Road. In this classic episode, we unpack the history and Hollywood perpetuation of stereotyping Asian women as either submissive lotus flowers or cunning dragon ladies, defined only by their exoticism and sexuality.

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Are We Failures? In the first episode of a mini-series looking at trauma and sexual assault, Anney and guest co-host Samantha discuss the question of failure. Where do celebrity crushes, affections for fictional characters and hero worship come from? Learn about the fascinating spectrum of parasocial relationships we develop with people in books, television and tabloids in this classic episode. In , Julia Child made an omelet on Boston public television and changed culinary history forever. Dive into the story of how television cooking gave rise to celebrity chefs who brought a new generation of cooking women into our homes for better -- or burnt.

Women In Entertainment Production. What is it like for women working behind the scenes of film and television these days? Is food porn unhealthy? Do foodies represent a cultural era of feast or famine? The origin of spring break dates back to a Colgate University swim coach, and Fort Lauderdale was the first spring break capitol. Tune in to learn more about spring break, along with the relationship between spring break and sexual health.

Ariana Grande and the Question of 'Too Woke'. International Women's Day, celebrated every March 8, is a holiday inspired by factory women going on strike for better wages and working conditions. Get to the bottom of the holiday's history in this classic episode. Bonus Interview: Women in Tabletop Gaming. In this bonus interview, we continue the conversation around women in tabletop game development with Heather O'Neill and Heather Wilson of 9th Level Games. Asian-American Identity.

Friend of the show Sonam Vashi stops by to delve into the history and future of what it means to be Asian-American. When people think of women and Mardi Gras, they probably imagine bare breasts and beads -- but that's certainly not the extent of women's participation in the Fat Tuesday fest. Just in time for Mardi Gras, enjoy this classic episode. From high school to the NFL, cheerleaders face intense objectification. No Means No the First Time. Dating scripts and popular media teach us that with persistence, a 'no' can be turned into a 'yes'.

But no means no. The first time.

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In this classic episode, we take a look back at something making headlines again lately, "drunkorexia". This term was coined in to describe people who intentionally drink on an empty stomach to "save" calories and money, but it has more serious implications for the intersection of eating disorders and substance abuse. Shirley Chisholm didn't want to be known solely as the first African-American woman in U.

Congress and to run for the Democratic nomination for president.

The Films of Ingmar Bergman

This President's Day, let's look back at life and legacy of this Brooklyn educator ahead of her time in this classic episode. Princesses and Evil Step Mothers. Would you rather be a princess or an evil stepmother? Because for a long time, those were the only two paths open to women and girls in Disney movies. Guests Jamie and Caitlin of the Bechdel Cast join the show to discuss the representation of women in movies. Family Secrets. Every family has them. When Dani Shapiro accidentally stumbled upon a massive secret that had been kept from her all her life, she dove headlong into discovering everything she could about how that secret had shaped her reality and her destiny.

Then she started talking with other people about their family secrets. Join Dani and her guests as they explore the power of family secrets and the ways in which discovering — and revealing — the truth can liberate us. As Valentine's Day approaches, so to do the roses. Where do Valentine's bouquets come from? What's it like for women working in the flower industry? Tune in to learn more. More people are delaying or avoiding marriage, and also raising children outside of wedlock.

Are single people penalized?

In this classic episode, learn more about the singlehood stigma and how it impacts all the single ladies the most. Women in Tabletop Gaming Development.

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Women are underrepresented when it comes to tabletop game development. Nicole Amato of Cardboard Fortress Games joins the show to share her experiences and offer some advice. If Valentine's Day advertising is to be believed, women cannot resist chocolate.